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Pink Kale is a website dedicated to the idea of wellness for the people! Exploring doable and affortable ways to add more wellness into your life. We are passionate about wellness, clean beauty, plant based eating, healthy recipies with minimal ingredients, working out, giving back and trying to be green all while not taking ourselves too seriously and having fun along the way.

Pink Kale is based in Los Angeles and founded by Makeup Artist & Clean Beauty Expert Dawn Shand Johnson.

Dawn Shand Johnson

Founder of Pink Kale

I grew up in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Where for most of my childhood I lived in a log cabin in the woods (sorry, not trying to break any Canadian stereotypes here). It was actually really great, and something I wish my kids had more of today. I spent lots of time outdoors exploring, hiking and fishing with my parents and older sister. Then of course, I had my party years where I smoked cigarettes, drank, went to the gym and followed the South Beach Diet. Ah, the good times!

Then, back in 2008, I was working as a freelance makeup artist and Beauty Editor for the Los Angeles based fashion magazine Genlux when I was sent a book called “Not Just A Pretty Face” by Stacy Malkan (a highly recommended read by the way). It was a huge eye opener for me as she revealed some of the ugly truths of the cosmetics industry and how unregulated and harmful most of the products out there really are. Before finishing it, I became pregnant for the first time with my daughter Charly, and needless to say, that was the turning point for me. I set out to learn all I could about the products I used, and their overall effect on my health, my babies health, and the health of the planet that we were all going to be living in.

Another turning point in my life was when I became pregnant with my second child and son Walker… yes, you can totally have two turning points in your life people! I watched the documentary movies “Forks Over Knives” as well as “Food Inc.”,  and that coupled that with my food aversions to meat when I was pregnant was all I needed to help me transition to an all plant-based diet. Was it easy at first? No. In fact, it still isn’t sometimes, but in the long run, it has been totally worth it! My skin has all but cleared up, including my eczema, I feel more positive and in tune with nature and I rarely have stomach issues, unless of course Im forced to eat the food on a film or television set. Sorry guys, but a little less oil, and a little more Plant Based options would be great.

It was during this shift in my life that I ended up quitting my Beauty Editing job at Genlux. I tried to do some “green” stories at the magazine but I just couldn’t keep writing about the conventional cosmetic brands that I was no longer using. It just didn’t feel right for me. I was torn though because I loved the work. It was a great experience and it taught me so much, but it was time to move on. After I left, I had the intention of starting a blog right away but for any of you who have small kids, you can probably guess what happened to that. My priority became working part time as a freelance makeup artist and taking care of myself and my family as best as I knew how.

These big life changes have turned me into quite the health nerd, yes I enjoy spending my time cleaning and greening my beauty kit, researching products and the companies who make them, and adapting my families lifestyle to that of a more greener plant based one. But what I love doing most of all, is bringing everything I’ve learned through trial and error and hard won experience directly to you the reader. And for that, I am most happy to do in this exciting new landscape of health and wellness.

Welcome to Pink Kale!

You can check out my makeup portfolio here.[/sans]

Pink Kale is mostly written by me but we do have contributors from time to time.

Much Love,


Here is a cute picture of my husband and my little loves.

Working Together? 

Dawn is a freelance makeup artist and clean beauty expert click here to see my portfolio here. I’m based in Los Angeles if you want to book me for makeup jobs, personalized makeup lessons, or need help greening your makeup bag we can do it in person or on Skype, please email me at dshandjohnson@gmail.com

Please also contact me if you want to contribute, writing, sponsorships or anything like that!

Reviews & Submissions

We are passionate about working and connecting with people in the green beauty and wellness industry that share our philosophy’s.

We only post reviews on products and places that we like and have actually tried or visited. We are not paid for reviews unless otherwise noted. The focus of our product reviews are items that do not contain synthetic chemicals, fillers, carcinogens, phthalates, sulphates, parabens or other toxins. We test the products ourselves and research them online and via the Environmental Working Group. We do our best to find products that are as clean, non toxic, organic, sustainable, have naturally derived ingredients, fully disclose ingredient lists, have good ethical transparent business practices, fair trade, cruelty free, have a charitable element, indi brands, certifications, yet still effective.

All editorial reviews are independent and provided by us and not through the companies or their reps. Our reviews can be positive or negative depending on the experience, we don’t provide reviews prior to publishing them.

We require 4-6 weeks in order to try and review products. Please submit full sized samples to try out as we need to photograph and experience them as the customer would.

We are always searching for exciting info, news, trends, ideas, tips and products. We welcome your suggestions. Email us at: dshandjohnson@gmail.com


This will be done a case by case basis and they will be noted on the post if done. The sponsorship must be in alignment with our message, views and product standards.

Guest Posts

We will accept guest post if you can email dshandjohnson@gmail.com for more details and if they align with our site.


We love to do giveaways and reward our readers. Again these must align with our standards and our site. We will not ship the giveaway items our selves.


At times we will have affiliate links on our posts or in our shop section, pinkkale.com does receive a small commission for these and this goes toward our site up keep.


We will accept advertising only if it aligns with our site and our standards. Contact us for more info dshandjohnson@gmail.com

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We hope you’ll send us your questions, comments and ideas, as we are constantly improving our site. Email us at: dshandjohnson@gmail.com


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